CP migration plugin not working with WP5.6

Is that because it won’t handle the latest version of WP? This is a problem that I’ve come across a number of times. I’m not sure what the answer is about the lag there.


Yep, just tested it. The migration plugin doesn’t work for WP 5.6. This is a perennial problem and must be putting off a lot of potential users.

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On the point of latest WP version not migrating.
Assuming the latest wp update is what brought on the reason to leave WP.
We need that process to be as smooth as possible. Asking the average user to roll back their version of WP before they can migrate would possibly change their mind about migrating.


@David_Waumsley would you be able to provide some more details of why the migration plugin doesn’t work, such as:

  • error messages
  • plugins installed
  • which theme are you using

Or is it simply that you’re already running WP 5.6 and the migration plugin doesn’t give you the option to migrate?

Anything like that would be helpful.


Ah, the last one. I was running 5.6.

It’s seem so. I think I spoke too soon as did not have much time to get to the bottom. I just saw a post with someone reporting similar and the answer seemed aimed at developers.

You gave me an easy solution. Thank you, I clearly missed that the migration plugin only was not working on WP 5.6. It could simply be that I am a bit dumb (certain!), but I bet I am not alone.

Unfortunately, there will always be a delay after a new WP release before the CP migration plugin is compatible. The length of the delay is usually determined by the nature of the WP release - for instance, whether it’s a major or minor release.

We are currently working on updating the migration plugin for WP 5.6 and this should be available soon.


Migrations using some themes do not work for WP 5.6 (more details). We knew something like this would happen eventually, so it’s better to only allow the migration from a new WP version once we’ve tested and confirmed that it works. In this case we’ll need to do a new ClassicPress release in order to fix that issue.

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Yes, I understand the need for testing. It just doesn’t seem to get done until someone complains on the forum (from memory I have posted 3 times in the past about this).

Would it be possible to add an option that overrides the usual version checks. So it would say something like “WARNING: CP has not been tested with this version of WP. Proceed at your own risk and make sure you have a good backup”.

I know there is a manual process but as David said…

It might also be good to link it up with this idea: Contributing to ClassicPress

I don’t pay much attention to WP updates, so I am not even aware when one is released. If a “needs doing” job could be posted that says “WP 5.6 needs testing with migration plugin” that would bring it to more people’s attention.

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No. There are already a ton of warnings during the migration process and we know they are not being followed. Taking action that has a non-negligible risk of breaking your site should require jumping through a small hoop.

Where? Who’s going to post this?

…and I end up doing it. I think exactly 1 person has asked me how to do that update in the past. I want more people to step up and help with tasks like this.


That may have been me. It involves a PR and I looked at the code and realised I didn’t feel confident in touching it. I would certainly never have picked up the potential 5.6 problem.

There was a suggestion that we set up a central place to post jobs that need doing, so people who want to contribute have some idea of where they can help.

Yep, understood. OK, I would help if I could but I am not a dev. We’ll have to accept that the migration plugin will have a lag with the latest WP version.


It’s March 2021 now and still no ability to migrate from WP5.6+ versions? That’s makes it 3months or so since 5.6 was released, it really affecting how many people make the switch. I’ve tried migrating various sites and not once have I been able to do it with the ClasicPress plugin.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the work of everyone involved but the migration plugin needs to be able to more quickly fix compatibility with WP releases.


Firstly, hello @codeclinic and welcome to ClassicPress.

Normally the migration plugin is updated a week or two after a new release of WP. However, as we were testing the migration plugin against WP 5.6, we uncovered a couple of issues that resulted in us having to update ClassicPress first.

As we started work on CP 1.3, Travis, a key part of the ClassicPress build process, withdrew its free plan for open source projects. This meant we then had to switch to GitHub Actions before we could release a new version of CP. This was no trivial task.

We’ve now completed this and we’re again working on the new release of CP.

I apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We’re working on it!


Hi & thanks for the response.

There is no need to apologise, in fact I apologise it appeared that I was complaining. I just really want to give this project a try and support it if it turns out to offer the things I am looking for.

The reason for my comment was more to point out that over the past 6-12 months I have tried converting several existing WP sites to ClassiPress. But, every time I’ve tried the latest plugin didn’t support the latest version(s) of WordPress meaning that I couldn’t do the migration.

If the project is to grow at a healthy rate, people stumbling on the project need to be able to try it when they discover it, as they are unlikely to circle back to it x weeks or months later to see if the migration plugin works with their version of WP.

Perhaps It would be worth considering making it clearer on the downloads page, what version of WP is supported and that you plan to have a release for the latest version of WP (indicating what that version is) in x weeks or x months.

Although the site does mention this info it’s not very clear and leaves some ambiguity as to whether the plugin doesn’t yet work with newer versions of WP or simply that the website hasn’T been updated. As in my case today, the WP version mentioned on the CP website is so far behind I naturally assumed the website hadn’t been updated in several months.

I went through the process of downloading and then uploading the plugin to my site only to find it didn’t work after all. Will most people stick around after that? I’m not sure…

Anyway, it’s great to hear that you are working on a new release and I look forward to giving it a try.



Yes, you make valid points and your post didn’t come across as complaining.

The suggestion to add the latest version of WP the migration plugin works with is a good one and we will implement that. We’ve done this on the Get ClassicPress page on the website and that will always be accurate as it automagically updates. If in doubt, you can always check the max value here https://api-v1.classicpress.net/migration/.

As I say, normally we usually update the migration plugin within a week or two of a new WP release but on this occasion, we’ve had a few obstacles to overcome.

Thanks for giving it a try. Your support, in whatever form, would be most welcome.


How about getting the migration for 5.7?

This plugin supports WordPress versions 4.9.0 to 5.5.3 (and some newer development versions).
You are running WordPress version 5.7.


At the time of my post above, 5.6 was the latest version. Naturally, now that 5.7 has been released, we will endeavour to support that too. The migration plugin has to be tested thoroughly each time a new version of WP is released and this takes a fair bit of time. We’ll be getting around to this as soon as we’re able to.