cPanel feature request for ClassicPress support

Just to let you all know, I have submitted a feature request to cPanel asking them to provide cPAddon support for ClassicPress. Details here:

So get voting! Get your friends voting too! :wink:


You are really one step forward, sometimes it is cool to have a nice name, let’s go voting.


I voted for it. CP needs some slogans if they don’t already exist. Selling it as gutsenberg free is not a point i would make.

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CP does already have a tag line: “The business-focused CMS”. But I was very careful not to oversell ClassicPress. I didn’t want it to come across as a sales pitch and wanted instead to focus more on awareness and benefits to cPanel users. But the fact that it is Gutenberg-free is already a huge selling point in my view.

Thanks for voting!


I agree, but I dont think classicpress can ride on the minus gutenberg feature alone. Not being critical of what you said.


Just a reminder that there is a feature request on cPanel to provide a cPAddon for ClassicPress alongside their existing addon for WP.

I realise that cPanel have not exactly won many friends lately but, putting that aside, I still believe that this would be great exposure for CP.

At present, there are only 10 votes in favour of this feature request (and 1 against!).

Can I encourage everyone who hasn’t yet voted to please do so. Think of the benefits to CP rather than cP :slightly_smiling_face:

If there is anything putting you off from voting for this, if you could share your reasons, then that would be helpful. PM me if you’d prefer.

Link in original post.

You can’t vote without creating an account. That will stop most people.


Stopped me.

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You can sign-up using your Google account, one click! People would game the voting system if the sign-up option isn’t available.

Example me, I’ll vote 100’s of time, but by using my email, I know I can use a different one but stressful, so I just voted once, bam!

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I don’t use one service to sign in to another. If that primary account is compromised, everything connected to it becomes subject to compromise and suspect.


Well, we’ve now got two votes against, but still only 10 for…lol. I really can’t think of any reason why anyone would vote against this - other than the obvious of course.

I’m just trying to get CP some exposure, in the same way that we’re trying to get Installatron, Softaculous and others on board.

Compared with how many people there are in the community, 10 votes is quite disappointing really.

I wonder if it could have something to do with their recent pricing structure changes.

Yeah I know they’ve peed a lot of people off lately (me included) but they’re still the #1 hosting control panel and I can’t see this changing any time soon. Besides, this isn’t a vote for cPanel, it’s a vote for ClassicPress. cPanel is merely a means to an end.

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Do it the easy way.
Sign in with your Goolag account, vote and then cancel the account in cP!
That is the proper way to do it! :laughing:

Giving more information about yourself to the company who does business by selling personal information to the third party?

Vulnerabilities can be in a computer code, but also can be in a brain. Exposing your activity is like giving data from a computer database. Consequence? You ARE influenced in a subtle way without your understanding. Do you want Google to guide your life? I am not, so I never use Google login anywhere.

Sorry, this option is unavailable to me.

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@1stepforward thank you for creating this feature request.

Even if we don’t all agree on the details (for example, I prefer to manage servers directly and/or using configuration management tools like Ansible), I think we can all agree that having ClassicPress included in cPanel would be a great thing for the ClassicPress project (we would see our usage numbers skyrocket overnight) and for a lot of users (many people who are part of our target market are still unaware that we exist).

So please take this as further encouragement to go vote if you are willing to do so. We do still rely on our community and “strength in numbers” especially for outreach tasks such as this one.


I agree. That is the reason why I like to cheat the goolag instead of allowing it to cheat me. :wink:

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I agree with James here – I’m not fond of cPanel’s change in business model but the truth is, they’re popular and the exposure for ClassicPress would be fantastic.

As a side note; I’ve tried to register on their site twice so far with two different (throwaway) email addresses, but I am not receiving the email for the password, so I can’t log in and vote. Not sure if my email server is flagging it before it ever hits my inbox, but wanted you to be aware.


I just managed to create an account using a address and an address. Gmail was fine but the Outlook email initially went to spam. Other than that, all Okay with those two. I tried to create an accounting using two separate Yahoo accounts but both failed. No email. So it seems that Yahoo doesn’t like cpanel addresses.

EDIT - the cPanel emails come from the following address: [email protected], so it may help to add this to your address book / safe senders list before trying to register. With Yahoo, it’s probably not getting anywhere near your inbox but still worth a try.

EDIT 2 - the registration process is very simple. All you provide is an email address and your “full name”. cPanel then sends you a password by email. You login and vote. That’s it. No further details required.


Yahoo doesn’t play nice with anyone. The WP forums a few days ago put up a sticky note about how Yahoo won’t receive from either.