Create Global CP Menu to Join CP Sites

Currently, if you navigate to forums, plugins, etc… there is no link back to the main central CP site. I find myself having to navigate back in my browser or just search google again to find my way back. I propose these all be unified into one CP ecosystem menu.


Easier navigation throughout the site and it’s extensions.

Possible implementation

A global CP Ecosystem Menu somewhere in the layout.

Will you be able to help with the implementation?

Probably better people more familiar with the framework to implement this, but i’d consider?

Does this help?


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That is the menu, it has a link back to the main site.
It’s all under one main ecosystem.

Perhaps I misunderstand your request?

The footer has a prominent “ClassicPress” text, but it isn’t linked. I think it should be.

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@striebwj any chance we can link that ClassicPress heading or section in the footer back to the main site?

This is just the forums page footer… not all the sites.
They should all be connected.
Your screenshot of the forums shows the problem as the header at the top says ClassicPress, but it doesn’t take you to ClassicPress main site. It is a link to the main forums page. It would be better if it said ClassicPress Forums, or had a global menu at the top. Since it is Discourse, having the global menu isn’t likely, so footer links work.
But all the sites should be consistent this way. None of them should be a dead end. Of course, if there’s nothing for people to get at the main site, maybe it doesn’t matter if they go there. I know I never do…

I think Roots’ discourse is pretty much what I was imagining. Their’s is two tiers. The top containing a link to the central site, and the bottom being the hub or whatever of what extension of the site you’re on.