Cryptocurrency payment gateway for Classic Commerce

Hi all,
I would like to make a CP site with CC with a crypto payment system. What are people using ?

Would any of these work?

Thank you

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Technically every plugin not requiring a WordPress version higher than 4.9.15 AND not requiring a WooCommerce version above 3.5.3, will work with ClassicPress and Classic Commerce.

Technically, I say, because:
A) there is always a chance the developer forgot to update the minimal requirements or simply does not respect them
B) It is generally not considered best practice to run WP Plugins on CP because they can stop working from one update to the other (not CP update, but Plugins update)

Now… I was looking at Payment Gateway for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin |
If that there helps you, the plugin is tiny, it shouldn’t be a big deal to make a CP-only version of it.
It already should work with CP/CC given its version requirements, but the perfect would be to create a CP version of it.

I would be interested in kickstarting it/helping with this (like I helped with kickstarting the recent “Classic Commerce Plugin Checker” which @ozfiddler will be putting on his Directory Account I think soon…)

So - let me know if the above linked plugin would help you achieve the goals you have in mind?
Maybe it needs some quick testing - if you can confirm it does what you need, I would be willing to help maintain a CP copy of it. This way, we’d have peace of mind :wink:

I would definitely recommend maintaining such plugin on our own over “just use whatever works from the WP Repo”, because as said, sooner or later those will stop working with WP 4.9.15 and Classic Commerce, and then you will need something else anyway.

Does that sound like a good idea?
All I would need to start is a confirmation that you can use it (and others of course too)
Next would be to start a fork/copy thereof and amend what is needed to make it fully CC compliant, then release.
(Maybe with some help of others here in the forum we could even build in the updater mechanism)


This doesn’t have any WC tags (I checked with my shiny new plugin!), but I tested it and it seems to do what is required. I don’t have a merchant account so can’t put a payment through, but it comes up on the cart as an option. It is rated down to WP 3.7.0 or higher so it think it should be a good candidate for a CP version.

Actually, I think as a first step it would be good to raise a support ticket and ask what the “WC requires at least” is. They may even agree to support CC which would save you some work.

Edit: I have asked, but it may get moderated out.

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As expected there was no reply in the thread, and given they averagely took a week to reply to other threads, this thread now being a week and 5 days old, I think it is safe to assume the Author does not care about it.

I will proceed with the CPization of this plugin asap. I had a look at the code last week and saw it is pretty messy (like registering classes inside functions that then are hooked… works, but is ugly).
So it might need some time to finish up. I will create a release post (perhaps pre-release to test) once done.


I’m not actually sure how much use this would be. Looking at this plugin, it is developed by the people at - that is, it’s a plugin to use if you are using as your crypto agent. It seems like it would be a plugin that is very specific to that company.

I don’t know anything about crypto payments. Are they one of the big players, or just one of many possible options?

I would have thought it better to put your efforts into something that has wider appeal, like a Stripe payment gateway.

(Also note there has been no further response from the OP)

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Thanks for the replies.