Cursor is hidden in Firefox ESR and similar browsers

There seems to be an issue with the CSS in use, which leads to two very nasty Usability issues, when writing replies or editing one’s own answers in a thread:

  1. The cursor is hidden away …
  2. but worse is: The marking background color is hidden, too!

If it was just the first issue, but not the second, one could still use

This has, so far, only appeared in Firefox and Pale Moon, but has been around for quite some time (at least 3 - 4 months).

The CSS rule causing this issue is rather simple: Apparently, some … simpleton … thought it’d be a great idea to set the background color of the edit box textarea to “transparent”. As soon as one DISABLES this rather “helpful” CSS rule - all suddenly works again as its supposed to be.

cu, w0lf.

ps: Interestingly, as soon as I’ve ONCE disabled this rule, even when reenabling it, it does not seem to interfere anymore. Of corpse, that only applies to the current tab, and its also not retained after a reload. So my guess is: Its actually some nasty JS BS … ^^
pps: yet another annoying oversight: ^ _ ^ is converted to :slight_smile: - which is NOT the same meaning! It’d be probably :roll_eyes: but WITHOUT a frown, instead with a ironic smile.

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Known issue, calm down :wink:

I found something about the disappearing cursor issue on the forums:
Old Firefox bug… when that happens, try minimizing and restoring the window and the cursor should come back.

I suspect tweaking the background rule may not be a real fix for this issue, rather, you are just causing a redraw in the same way as minimizing the window.


My current workaround is using the DOM / HTML Inspector, and thats it. Still rather annoying, and only happening here.

Full synopsis: Using the DOM / HTML Inspector by right-clicking on the affected textarea, select “Inspect Element”, which opens the Inspector inline window, waiting for it to load, and then instantly closing it again. Done.

cu, w0lf.

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My big fix has been to minimize and maximize the window whenever it glitches.

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