Custom fields: Pods or ACF?

Hi all,
Anyone using Pods for custom fields and post types? Pods is a project heavy supported by Automattic and Matt Mullenweg. With that in mind I can’t see Pods ever supporting ClassicPress.

What do others think? Time to switch to Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)?


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I’ve never used Pods, so can’t compare the two. But hard for me to imagine building a site without ACF; great tool, great support, great documentation. The developer has expressed support for ClassicPress and, I believe, his intent to continue supporting it.

Didn’t know Pods had a direct connection with Automattic, but I’d consider that reason enough to switch if I were using it. Just like abandoning Yoast for Rank Math, and TinyMCE Advanced for WYSIWYG Advanced.


Exactly. Nowadays this is THE reason to choose plugins. Hosting this line crossed long long ago.