Deactivate and Delete

Good Afternoon,

Just completed migrating my first site, So far so good, everything seems fine and I am about to start testing along the lines suggested:

Just curious - seems like I might as well deactivate and delete the migration plugin I just used.

Am I right?

Thank you all for all your work, I sure hope this project suceeds
Randy C

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Yes, you don’t need it any more.


Thank You ozfiddler for the quick response

The first test had me create a “subscriber” and the only operation available to that user role was tools and there was a message telling me that I might as well delete the plugin.

I hate when I find the answer moments after posting on a forum.

Sorry for wasting everyones time.

You aren’t wasting anyone’s time! We are all happy to help however we can :slight_smile:

Thank you @ozfiddler for your quick reply!

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