Default installed themes CP TwentyFifteen Twentysixteen Twentyseventeen

Hey cool CP people.
Just doing to testing for a new site.
Is it ok to use one of the default child themes?
Is is a great idea to use on of these?

Thanks, have a fun day.

I think it’s OK to use any of the default child themes. They are just minor customizations of the parent themes from WordPress. The important question to ask is, are the parent themes still being updated? Last time I noticed (though this has been a while), they still are.

The default child themes change referneces such as Powered by WordPress to Powered by ClassicPress and it is a good idea to use the child themes instead of the parents.

The parents will continue to receive updates for as long as updates are issued for them.

WP is keeping all their bundled themes up to date with the new features they are adding, such as block patterns. I saw a commit this week for 16 and 17 for a change made to admin bar CSS that uses a custom property. I’m not so sure it would get the right value for CP since the fallback is 0 which indicates the admin bar is not visible, not that there is no custom property. This is minor, but it shows that WP and CP are diverging.

What is peoples guesstimate for if \ when theme twenty15\16\17 will stop working on CP?

What @joyously refers to will never be pushed to Theme TwentySeventeen when you use the one that comes with ClassicPress, see screenshot of what you get with CP, and what you would get from WP (same theme)

We do load theme version Version: 99.1-upstream1.7, whereas the latest from WP would be Version: 2.8.
As a matter of facts, you won’t have (and will never have) the Blocks related CSS (just an example) from the last TwentySeventeen from WP inside a CP Theme.

You do not need to worry to get unwanted changes from WP repo, and CP surely will not start backporting those unwanted changes either.

Thus CP and those themes will stay “compatible” (because the themes are prepared for it, as a quick look in the code shows)

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Thanks @smileBeda @joyously @azurecurve @arjayarana