Did ClassicPress Break Your Website?

Following a discussion on Slack, I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where people can let us know if they migrated to CP and their site broke.

They could let us know what happened and whether it was an incompatibility with one or more plugins or something else.


It works wonderfully on my site

I think this topic is a good idea actually.

Glad you think it’s a good idea. We don’t need to know about your site if it worked in this thread, only if it didn’t.

Otherwise it will not achieve its purpose.

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I hope this doesn’t happen :slight_smile:

Still, if you do have a site that broke as a result of switching to ClassicPress, please provide any of the following that you can get your hands on, so we can see the issue and fix it:

  • error messages and screenshots of errors
  • list of installed plugins and themes
  • server logs
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Great idea.