Did someone already tried to make a CP docker image?

I develop on mac and I used LocalWP a lot because it is a real time saver.
I was looking for a solution to easily share stacks & projects and Docker seems a good solution to me. I would like to see if it is possible to adapt the Wordpress x Docker workflow to Classicpress.

Yes, all our hosting is based on docker. You can’t claim security without it.

I will take a look thank you!
To be more precise i’m looking for a docker config to devellop localy with CP as i do with Wordpress.
Is there any resources or documentation about this ?
Thanks a lot :blush:

I remember seeing @benlumia007 used Docker for local development.

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Not working for me but thanks for sharing ! the problem is related to incompatibility with Mac ARM.
What you guys using for local dev with CP ?

Unfortunately, I use WinNMP which is for Windows. But I know some people use XAMPP and MAMP on Macs.

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So apparently I did some updates to this and you’ll need to update the latest image when you do a sturdydocker pull, sturdydocker up and sturdydocker provision

I actually tested on the M1 Mac mini and it works… so if you guys need help wit this … please let me know! It also uses SSL by default…

Hey thanks for sharing i will try :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve been using it so i know everything works :slight_smile: and works in M1 Processors.