Discussion on usage of polls

Does that mean the democratic principle behind ClassicPress, which is touted as a major benefit over WordPress is not true?

With petitions, once the vote reaches 50, it is put to the wider community for a vote. Does this mean that vote is then ignored?

You can’t have it both ways.

If the committee just does what it wants, and not what the users want, then we are no better than WordPress.

Not sure where you read that.

This vote is 1) not official in any sense - if it was it would go through the vote process described on the Democracy page, and 2) it was a vote to see how everyone feels towards the options.

Obviously these may change depending on a couple of factors (resources required is a big one).

Admittedly I’m mixing metaphors and comparing apples with oranges regarding petitions, but all I’m saying is that if something (such as this issue) is put to the community for a vote, then that vote should be honoured.

Otherwise, why bother having a poll in the first place? I am getting mixed messages here, as I think others may also be getting.

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After there was some disagreement of ideas, I kind of liked the poll. It allowed others to chime in without having to side with anyone. … of course understanding it was just trying to gauge the feeling in this particular thread and not necessarily the deciding factor behind anyting.:slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, I’ll butt out. I think this speaks for itself.

I think you are reading into it more than anyone else.

If it helps, I am happy to edit my post to be more clear and will take more care in the future to ensure there is little room for interpretation.

For transparency (not to censor anyone), I am moving this group of posts into a new thread in general discussion as it is off-topic from this thread.

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No need to butt out, @Graham…it’s good to point out things that don’t come across as intended. I took the poll to be an informal thing, but do understand how it can lead to confusion. Nice catch!

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I have made an edit to the original post (and have made the edit available so you can always see the original post).

I am working on little sleep so I apologize if that last reply came off sassy - I do appreciate the feedback and will try to take more care in the future to ensure it is clear when a poll is informal.

I like having the poll for the reasons mentioned by @Code_Potent but agree that the wording may lead to confusion.

I took it to be a “straw poll” - ie an ad hoc or unofficial vote. But I think to avoid confusion in future it might be best to avoid using these, or at least make it very clear that it is unofficial. It can obviously be confused with the petition process.


It sounds like everybody is in agreement… Let’s take a poll.:rofl:


Please don’t. I like seeing your koala. :grinning:


I personally like the usage of the polls, but in the future I will be careful to clearly articulate that it is nothing more than a “straw poll” :slight_smile: