Display issue on Plugins - Add New - ACMEPLUGIN - More Details popup

Could not find this on here and it is a small display issue only.

Expected behavior

Requires ClassicPress version

Current behavior

example used is ContactForm 7
it shows Required ClassicPress Version : 4.9 or higher (obviously relates to WP version)
Compatible up to 5.3.2 (obviously relates to WP version)

Possible solution

I don’t know if this all comes from WP server or how easy the code could change (i.e. to translate version numbers/check compatibility) or how you want to handle it, but it could confusing and will need to be addressed somewhere - upcoming plugin directory in the longer term.

But for v1.x release what is going here?

Steps to reproduce

1.Login to admin
2.Click Plugins - Add New
3.On a plugin click More Details


How has this issue affected you?
No problem to me, Just confusing for new users of ClassicPress

What are you trying to accomplish?
Browse/install plugins


This is being tracked on GitHub: https://github.com/ClassicPress/ClassicPress/issues/472


Ah I will have to learn github after all.


Thanks James!


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