Divi Builder does no longer work with CP

The Divi Builder of newer versions of the theme (3.25.x, perhaps also earlier versions) does with CP no longer work in the backend. It can only be used in the frontend, and this could be very disturbing.

Note: With the Plugin Classic Editor the Divi Builder still works in the backend of installations with WP 5.2.x.


This is also a problem in WordPress 4.9.x — my developer is already in conversations with them about this. It’s because they’re not triggering existing code in the back end that they are using in the front end in order to remain compatible with 4.9. This is when using the “new experience” Divi builder.

Conversely, I’m seeing some instances where the reverse is happening when using their old builder.

If you have a little time, it would be helpful for you to also reach out to Divi to let them know you are having this problem with ClassicPress. We have also mentioned it. The more people they hear from, the more likely they are to fix it.

If you prefer to work in the back end and want to get back to the old builder, I have a trick you can use to get there from the back end — if that’s useful to you, let me know.

I’ll post here when I hear something else back from Divi — last I know they’d kicked it upstairs.


I use Divi daily and it works fine. Do not use the Divi Builder, first of all, it’s completely not necessary. Use Divi instead and it works fine. It works even better now without CP since they’ve basically eliminated the need for it. You can just tinker with the settings use the “classic” Divi experience and you then have WP before Gooberborg. I update ClassicPress and use the latest version of Divi on many of my sites and they all work just fine. I don’t use a developer but do all the client work myself, so can verify it works just fine. I’m also very active on all Divi groups on FB and no issues to report.


Glad to hear it Voltaire, thank you for sharing your experience with it! I generally use the back end “classic” experience but one or two of the sites were on the “new” experience and this is when I discovered the problem, myself.

I’m a little confused by your statement “do not use the Divi builder… use Divi instead”. I do use the Divi Theme, which has the Divi Builder in it. Are you using the standard editor with the Divi theme?

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Thank you, Michelle, for your information.

I mentioned using ClassicPress to the Divi support and asked to fix the issue.

If you could let me know about the trick I would be very happy. :wink:

EDIT: The Divi Builder seems to work again with Divi 3.25.4.

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EDIT: I just saw your update while I was typing! I’m so happy they fixed it so quickly (2 days!) – they mention it in the changelog here:

I’m still going to post the trick in case it’s useful to someone in the future.

The trick is this:

Go to one of the offending pages with the spinning dots. Right click on the “Switch Back to Classic Divi Builder” and select “Inspect Element” from the menu. Your inspector will open up in DevTools and a Div will be highlighted. You’ll need to drill down to find the exact target link within inspector… I’ll attach a screenshot so you can see what mine looks like. You are looking for a link that looks like this:


Once you’ve located it, right-click and copy that link. Paste it into the browser. It will kick you back to the dashboard. Go back to the page you were looking at before and VOILA – sanity will be restored. :slight_smile:


Definition of “sanity” may vary by user :wink:

I’m glad they fixed it, that is not a very fun workaround.


Divi has been updated successfully and actually you do not need ClassicPress with Divi sites. Basically Divi has new settings that get rid of their Gutenberg editor/CMS (for now at least). I’d have to find the link but it’s all in the settings and they have pretty good tech support and forums. If you use Divi with WP (as it is currently) you can go to the settings and use “Classic Editor” and enable all those settings in the Divi settings and everything will work as is and as it was a year or two ago. Their Visual Builder is fine, just very different if you’re not familiar with it.

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