Divi Nation - San Diego Meetup Group needs ClassicPress

Hello. I’m forming a Divi Nation Meetup Group in San Diego and would like a ClassicPress rep to give a presentation at our February or March meeting.

The Divi Nation Network is a steady-growing worldwide group of users of the Divi Theme that is supported by the developer, Elegant Themes based in San Francisco.

Locally, we are in the early planning stages for a once-a-month Meetup to be held at WeWork located in downtown San Diego at 600 B St, San Diego, CA 92101 on a regular day of the month, yet to be determined.

The presentation could be in person or via Skype or other live video.



I’d be happy to participate by video. (If someone can be there in person, probably better, but we can at least do a video presentation.)


Hi @rasmarcus – James is probably your best choice if you’re looking for technical expertise. I would also be happy to participate via video (I’m on the East Coast); I’m not a developer but I do use Divi almost exclusively for every site I build, so I’m familiar with Divi Nation.


@rasmarcus great idea. I also have a Divi Nation meetup group but so far attendance has been nil. I live in a small retirement area of FL, so it’s not that surprising. Even local agency owners here don’t know what Divi is.

Why doesn’t @james or someone on the Committee get in touch with Divi/Elegant Themes and ask to sponsor or address all Divi Nation meetups with regular updates? If that’s done and it works, (no reason they should not be receptive), you could use the same approach to target other similar meetup networks and groups.

Sorry…I just like marketing…