Do I need to reinstall CP after moving domains?

I recently moved my domains under a shared hosting plan to a different shared hosting plan because I was eliminating the main domain. My domains are now under a different main domain (they call them subdomains, but they’re still domains). It was a painful process, but it’s done. My only question is, I backed up my cPanel stuff, the sites are up and running, but Softaculous no longer has my CP installation info, aside from the main domain.

I’m still able to access my wp-admin pages for the domains, but Softaculous installations are not showing. Is this an issue or will it pose a problem moving forward?

It means that you installed onto the new domain “manually” and not via the installer.
You can link your installation to it (there are tutorials on how to do that online in the docs of the installer).
Technically it’s just the same, the installer is just a script that runs all the operations needed to install and you performed them yourself without using it.

Thank you. If it’s all the same, I’ll leave it as is. I’m frustrated enough from the Sunday spent migrating…

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