Docs home page layout

Would the home page be better laid out if the order was:

  • User Guides
  • Developer Guides
  • Plugin Guidelines
  • Code Reference
    and with the fourth item central on the row instead of at the left of the three columns?

I can change the order pretty quickly

The last thing in the middle… the thing is, yes, I agree. But, it needs some empty placeholders or additional CSS
Since I was hoping we would soon come up with Theme Guidelines and perhaps an API section… we would be back at 6 items. Thus I did not focus on that.

However, if it is considered something important I could add 2 “empty” invisible boxes left and right of the last visible item thus middling it.

And the order as said I can easily change with some copy paste, that’s no big deal.

Lets see if others would weigh in on this too. I am not really a design oriented person, my own site I spent like 2 years to get somewhere and it still looks like a sowiet victory propaganda pamphlet lol
Thus… yeah as said above - let’s see if we can get some more consensus on this and I’ll obey the masses :stuck_out_tongue:


If we want this in the near future, I can pull some guideline documents together.


I think it is time, yes, because the Theme world in WP just collapsed, one could say.
Definitely it changed
More than plugin world.

Thus, I think we can’t but profit from having A) Theme Repo, B) Actual Themes and C) the obvious Guidelines.

For A) and B) to work, C) has to be done first, I think.
Then we can create a first (or perhaps we have some already) Theme, and then we can repo it.

Aren’t the API pages part of the Developer Guide?

Yeah, we could actually do the API pages as DEV guides, seems about right.

In WP they are sort of separate, at least, some
But we don’t need to follow the same pattern. Also I think we wont have so soon so many pages for API, thus adding them as DEV Guides seems a good idea.

This leaves us with an “impossible” 5 boxes to arrange :stuck_out_tongue:
3 on top, 2 on bottom?

I never liked the look of those boxes. I would remove the icons and not have a “box”. If you want to keep the icons, make them smaller.

I like the icons, but agree with keeping them smaller. I’d help out with this, but haven’t been given access.

Theme support in directory is WIP, so theme guidelines would be good to have as we near that launch.

You should have access now, sorry - with all the changes and updates we forgot :slight_smile:

No problem, @wadestriebel! Great to see stuff happening!

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The Homepage is a PHP template, and changing anything in it, requires server related changes.
This is not built in the CP Admin area.

Can we get a design mockup as of how this should look, then we can discuss it here, approve it, and implement it.
Let’s not forget that this site does not use Bootstrap (which I very much wish it would, but it is too far advanced with other CSS to install another framework) thus responsivity must be accounted for with other approaches.

I personally like the current look, and would not even change the “offset” of the last item. It indicates a “room to grow”, versus the items cetrend kind of does not open the question “and what here”.

But, as said elsewhere, I am not really good at these design things, and this is basically a 1:0.9 copy from WP.

I think best is that we use a perhaps online tool for mockup, so everyone who has ideas and input can contribute, then we implement to live.
Figma in its free version should be good enough for our goal here, I think.

Is anyone already set up with it? Otherwise I can create a project for this and share it here.

I have submitted a pull request to add a #main ID to the home page template. When that happens, the max-width will be reduced, and there will only be two elements in the top row, so this will all look fine then. (We might need to add a line of CSS to ensure it all remains centered, but that’s easy.)

I am very glad we’re not using Bootstrap! I dislike it with a passion!


I am going to split a thread off this one just to open a life-long discussion about whyyyyyy dislike bootstrap :rofl:
Kidding. I think I understand why you dislike it. For me it always was a time-saver, but if you really want to get fully creative and stay original, then frameworks just suck.

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Now done.

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This is added to main site.



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