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I cannot use anything outside of Tailwind CSS now, everything else feels old and dated in comparison.

Oh, I feel quite the reverse. Tailwind feels like going back to inline CSS! Ugh!


I never tried any frameworks, so I don’t know what benefit there would be. But I try to keep the CSS small and a framework doesn’t fit in with that.

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My thoughts exactly, @joyously!

I like bootstrap or generally responsive frameworks because it saves me time (and I don’t have the knowledge either) to build responsive grids, cards, spy scroll, accordions, tabs, and the like.

Also helper classes like text aligns, alerts, svg icons, buttons, form inputs and so on are very helpful if you are more php focused and simply don’t want to spend time to style things.

In a recent example of a 5+k project - the project would have costed double If I’d have had to worry about Styles from scratch. Both because it takes time and because I’m just not well versed in js and css. Having worked for years with BS kind of allows me to write in classes and html structure from memory.

Further I use bs also because I use some building tools locally to draw up quick layouts and those tools use bs.
It makes it easier for me to jot down static layouts and then bring in dynamic features basically swapping out static parts with shortcodes or other logic and variables.

However - it’s right that specially bootstrap is a “bit” heavy on load. And true, once you use it there’s not much creativity left.

Also I’ve seen nightmares where my clients who said they’ll “style on their own” and only needed my help to make things behind the scenes work, started overwrite things like row and col classes :face_with_thermometer: or overwrite alert-warning to be red because they wanted it to be a danger alert.
Thus big mess time.
You should never trust an elementor designer is actually versed in css or any other framework than drag and drop (just as you shouldn’t let a php dev create designs and styles).

Another issue are conflicts. Like WooCommerce and bootstrap both using col classes, unprefixed, thus good luck resolving those design problems. And both ignore each other successfully, both saying “we’ve been using it for years and we won’t change it just because”

I find using CSS custom properties/variables keeps things lean and clean.

I have dealt with so many Bootstrap sites by now that I actually have a file into which I have abstracted the BS code I typically use. Compared to BS itself, it’s tiny!