Documention guide headings structure needs to be updated

I noticed the heading structure is a bit off. The title is H2 and article headings are H3. We need to update this to H1 for titles, and then H2 for the main headings within the guide’s content, and if there are any other sub-sections within the H2 sections, H3, and so on.

This is good for SEO and accessability.

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Yes, I noticed that myself when I was editing docs. I suspected it’s to avoid having more than one <h1> tag on any page.

So here’s what I have done:

  1. Main DOC home page, changed all h3 to h2. There is no h1 on that page, because the main logo is not a title, it is an image.
  2. All single Guides are already having a h1 as title, thus I see no problem there. Example,,
  3. had a garbage full of h3 nested in h4, I am not sure if they are for real about that… (this is a stripped down version of a distant relative of CP, remember, nothing that is not already out there :slight_smile: ). Fixed.
  4. Single user, plugin and developer guides start the document with a h2. Go figure why, I fixed that and changed to a h1. This automatically fixed the issue where consent headings on the single docs where h2 and thus same as main heading, they are now h2 and since heading is h1, distinct from them

This covers the things that needed to be done in code. There are some contents of the DOCs which are managed in the WP Admin > respective post > edit, which need to be changed from some h3 to h2 and so on.
Those do not require code edit however.

Let me know if I missed something.