Does a plugin author get an email when a post is made to "Plugins > Plugin Support" about his plugin?

I have a plugin which I am committed to supporting. Do I have to monitor the “Plugins > Plugin Support” Category or will I receive an email notifying me that a user has reported a problem? This is just a question not a request for this to be done. I am a lazy person and would rather just monitor my email account.

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About the best option you have, as far as I know, would be to set your profile to monitor for specific categories or tags; of course, this will only notify you of posts where the user thought to tag or categorize it (and the tag or category is one that you’re monitoring.)

If you want to give it a go, you can manage your monitored tags here and monitored categories here.


Thanks, that will work quite well given the (sadly) very low activity in “Plugins > Plugin Support” category.


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