Does CP take org-mode files?

Just started using this fabulous text editor and wondering if I can somehow just put .org files into a blog post. If not, what formats does CP accept – markdown, plaintext, html?

If you mean can you simply migrate from WordPress to ClassicPress without reformatting your content, then it depends.

If you have been using the Classic Editor plugin, then simply install the migration plugin.

If you have been using Gutenberg, you will need to reformat your content afterwards.

At least that’s how I think it works, unless someone from the team says otherwise.

Just make sure you do a full site backup first, just in case.

If you mean, can you copy an existing WordPress post into a new ClassicPress post, then certainly. Simply switch from Visual to Text mode and copy and paste the raw HTML code.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I already migrated my site from WP to CP and am very happy with the switch. My question is whether I can write content in org-mode (.org format) and upload straight from there to CP. I’m kinda thinking no, since I haven’t seen any mention of it. But it was worth asking here.

Sorry, not familiar with .org format. But I’m sure someone who is will answer you.

ClassicPress doesn’t provide a native way of importing files written in .org format. But there is apparently a way to automate the process. See Org2Blog: Essential Emacs to WordPress | InMotion Hosting

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