Donation checkout process

I was checking out new donation process with CC since we’re now in Q4 and thats when I make donations to open source projects.

The process follows typical checkout process, but that adds an unnecessary step (unless I’m missing something), adding to cart.

It’s possible to skip this step, which would also allow us to change the button from Add to Cart to something more meaningful like Make a Donation.

Here’s how it’s done in Woo:



Sounds like a good idea to me, removing one step in the process is always good :+1:

cc @james, thoughts?


Yep, this looks good, thanks for the link to a simple code-based solution Viktor. We should be able to implement that soon.

We’re also looking into a “variable amount” field. I think this would be a bit trickier because it will need to create a new product variation and then add it to the card.


Yea, custom price is a bit trickier. Last time I checked, no free plugins. If you do it, it might be nice to package it into a plugin for CC (or CC core?)

And if you want to publish it in WP repo, could be a way to introduce people to CP/CC. Just a thought.

Edit: If you plan to do it, let me know when it’s done and I’ll submit donation to test it.


Probably a plugin. The donation amounts box is also custom, here’s what we’ve got so far:

I guess you mean the simpler thing, skipping the cart? Sounds good, I’ll reply here when that’s done - should be sometime within the next couple of days.


This is supported now via their Pricing API for both recurring and one-off charges:

Yes, that’s right.

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I’ll tweak the donations plugin doodah thingy and submit a PR.


I always love technical terms :wink:


I try and avoid too much technical jargon but just occasionally I forget and then I’m all “if you switch the doodah on and set it to wotsit, then the thingamajig should start the gubbins and then bob’s your uncle”. :grin:


@viktor this is done (there is no more cart step). Thanks to @1stepforward for the code!


Thanks, looks good so far. I will make a donation within the next few days. Waiting on my bank to fix an issue with my business card, otherwise it’ll be declined in Stripe.

Two suggestions, the last button in the process “Place Your Order” should be more relevant to donations. Maybe “Make a Donation”.

Also, I would recommend adding a reminder notice on the checkout page about tax-deduction for US businesses/individuals. Maybe in the same area as privacy policy text.


Bank finally fixed my card, 5 people and 2 months later :joy:

Everything seems to be working smoothly. Here are a few suggestions for the checkout page:

On the order complete page, I would recommend changing the text to “Thank you for making a donation.”

Lastly, the receipt email should mention this was a donation to a non-profit organization. Maybe include a PDF receipt for tax purposes.