Download link updated but not version

  • Download link appears to auto update from GitHub, but version number doesn’t.

Currently we don’t, but we definitely should!


Is download link suppose to be another link to GitHub repo? I would think linking to zip file would be more appropriate.

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We attempt to get the latest asset’s browser_download_url from GitHub. If we can’t find one we default back to /latest.

Sorry, I guess I didn’t really answer your question. It should link to the same repo just the release page, though to be honest we can probably remove it now since we have a job set up to go fetch the latest download from the repo link.

On/before publishing we can fetch the latest download link, so all that we will require is the GitHub repo link.

Sorry, I forgot to reply. What happens when there is no download link? How would that work with the core installer once that’s implemented? Just want to understand what happens.

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Right now, probably break - we will need to fix that and maybe as a fallback check for tags not releases.

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Another report, should probs fix this:

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