E-commerce plugin

I was looking for a commerce solution compatible with ClassicPress.

I stumbled upon this plugin by Implecode.

It is a catalogue/store/ask for quote complete solution with addons. Easy to configure, adds design options to customizer to allow a more refined customization of the shop/catalogue pages.

Using plugin doctor by wpseek I noticed it could run on CP and I tested it. It worked very well, so I contacted the developper and asked if they were interested in supporting CP.

This is their answer:

Thank you for contacting our support.
Yes, we are planning to keep the plugin compatible with the classic editor. I believe ClassicPress is all about keeping the classic editor so it should be compatible.
Thank you for your feedback!
Kind regards,

Norbert Dreszer
WordPress Developer | [email protected] | implecode.com

@viktor I guess we can consider them a viable option for CP websites that need e-commerce functionalities?

I left the links and mailto of the Implecode company, should other memebers of the community need to talk to them about the plugin.


WordPress EasyCart also works with CP and comes with payment modules by default.

There is a 2% transaction fee in the free version, or you can pay $89/year for the Pro version to remove that fee and also allow digital downloads, coupons and more.

Thanks for mentioning that @Aussie. At present I was looking for a free and very basic plugin (my need is to set up a catalogue that might become a store later on - wanting to set up a demo for a particular niche to show it during sales meetings) and this plugin I mention does that. It also has various add-ons (paid) for when one is ready to set a store up.
For my needs it was perfect.
Now with two options for e-commerce I can say CP is covered.

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Thanks, that’s good to hear. I would recommend asking them to mention ClassicPress compatibility in their readme.txt, so it’s easier to find. You can use Beaver Builder readme.txt as an example to show them.


I will write them back tomorrow mentioning that.

@fwolf I don’t want to sell websites with outdated plugins. I know older versions of woo are compatible but being old versions they lack the latest security patches. I want something my customers can rely on security-wise.

Woo offers security fixes also on outdated versions.

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Woo version 3.9.5 has same security patch dates a version 6 22-3-10
download link

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Noted, but my question is: when will they stop supporting it? this is a though question. It’s a bet. they could end support in a year, in three wekkes… who knows? While WP goes ahead they ultimately will drop support. And people using that version will not know (because we already know that they won’t receive a notice about that).
So potentially the users sporting this plugin on an outdated version and rely on it to earn an income are sitting on a time bomb.
Yes, I need to use a WP plugin for a catalogue that could be converted in commerce later because we don’t have an active catalogue/commerce plugin as of yet (and I would prefer a CP solution instead) but at least I tend to use things that in some way have stated they are going to support WP 4.9 (at least) or CP. And I will keep using these as long as they declare support for WP 4.9 or CP. Then I hope some day CP will have its own plugin for catalogue/commerce and I will gladly use it.

What I am saying is that nobody here “thinks like a real user”. For a real user it’s not easy to do what for a dev is easy. I want to make sites for a niche that’s not going to have the budget to pay me to maintain the site. They’ll pay for the website then they are going to do the very basic things to publish catalogue items. They don’t want me coding custom things because it costs more money.
In this scenario I prefer a plugin at least declaring support for WP 4.9 and allowing me to convert a catalogue in a store just by changing a setting in case they want to sell online with a simple solution. Why ALL devs here are so “it’s easy”? I know what a store does. It’s not just a CPT thrown about. It is much more than that. I am not fond of using WP things. But at least I make sure that the people who trust me have a product they can rely on that gets updates and can work with CP. Meanwhile I do hope that CP gains more traction, so that real devs who really are able to see users as people who want solutions can decide to enter the CP market with a valid e-commerce plugin.
Sorry but I really dislike the “it’s easy, just use outdated stuff” and I dislike also people who are here judging me for having the courage to write to a plugin dev asking to support CP. I am trying to solve the problems my customer express. And that to me was the best solution. Having a dev company be aware that there’s a space in CP market for them… And gaining at least their commitment to support WP 4.9.
I don’t have the skills myself, otherwise I would have adopted ClassicCommerce plugin. And the people who DO have the skills prefer to use an outdated version of woo instead of making CC a lucrative plugin. I come up with a viable alternative and all I get is “nah just use something old”. Why?

I think you do not understand, what i mean is if it’s so easy… why normal users aren’t flocking CP? and I am barely living here too. that is why I chose to go with something that works and is not outdated. and is free so that I can keep costs to prospect lower. before there was only the choice of an outdated woo, now we have one more choice. a plugin that is not for CP but stated support for 4.9 and that to me is better. but i was told by you to just make do with woo, after I took the time to fight for CP. I agree that CC might not be easy to brig back to life by backporting all what’s needed before even starting to develop it. what I say is that AFTER I put in the effort to show the implecode people that CP is a receptive market, I get to be told that my effort is worth nothing. what kind of answer is that? why am I here in the first place if nobody needs solutions?

After reading everyone’s reply, I don’t see anyone saying anything close to this. Your effort is valued and appreciated.

Because you titled your topic “E-commerce plugin,” others chimed in with additional options related to WooCommerce compatibility, EasyCart, and possible WC fork.

I think the topic has served its purpose to let users know about the catalog plugin and I will close it. Hopefully, once our new directory is live they will list the plugin for CP users to install.