Easy Table of Contents Plugin - Different Positions for Different Page Types


I was wondering if using the Easy Table of Contents WordPress plugin it was possible to make it so the table appears in different positions on different page types? E.g. at the top for posts and at the bottom for pages.

I can’t see anywhere to edit it on a page-by-page basis and the general settings only seem to have one option to choose a position.

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At the moment Easy Table of Contents only works on posts.

You can choose the position on a per-post basis using the shortcode [kts_toc] and then hiding the default one with this css:

#toc-container {
	display: none; 
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I think the OP was referring to a different plugin, @Simone.

There is a Table of Contents plugin in the CP Directory, to which Simone is referring. I am the author of that plugin, and Simone has also contributed to it: Table of Contents - ClassicPress Directory

If you try it out and like it, I will see if I can get time to make it work on pages too.

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Screenshot 2022-09-21 151720


I’ve attached a screenshot which show the logo of the one I have!

You’ll need to ask the developer of that plugin to change the way it works.