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Hello, I write stories to my weblog. But how can I more editing icon options on Posts and Pages to edit my writing? What editing plugin should I use? I have about the same toolbar as here above. Black studio is now in use…


Apologies in advance if I didn’t understand your question correctly…

You shouldn’t need a plugin installed in order to edit posts. You should be able to go to Posts > All Posts in the dashboard, then click on the title of the post you want to edit, and it will load up in the editor. Same with Pages.

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No apologies needed. I did what you said, but I need more option to edit. More icons.
I ddo not know how to add more.
Thank you

If by icons you mean more formatting options (to extend the editor) There is the Enriched Editor by @Code_Potent.
Or are you needing to show the edit button in more places in the front-end ? Usually a page or post has just one tiny edit text button at the bottom or top. I don’t know if it’s possible to add more locations for the edit text button on post and pages.

I guess you’re probably using TinyMCE Widget (by Black Studio). I think that plugin just extends the existing editor to other locations, without enabling any extra features/buttons. For all the extra buttons, install the Enriched Editor plugin, as noted by Elisabetta.

There is an icon in the standard list which toggles the toolbar to show more icons. It is often referred to as “kitchen sink”.
This is with the toggle off:
toggle off

And this is with the toggle on:
toggle on


I was looking for more option. Two years I had found another plugin that let me select other option icons to add to the 2 existing bars. But that plugin got cancelled and I had to delete it. Is the plugin from @Code_Potent still available? I will try to find it.
Thank you

Hi CP,
You are right. Thank for the respond

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Hello joyously, I know that, thank you. Once there was one plug in, which let met add more needed option icons or buttons to the menu 2 bars. For your information, I write stories often in 2 languages and once a while (like cooking recepis) in 3 languages (English, Dutch and Indonesian) I am a Eurasian and of a mix decent. My problem, I am close to 85 and a retired mechanical engineer and not a computer IT.

I know the "kitchen sink. I need other icons. Thank you.

The Enriched editor has been developed specifically for CP and it’s available.
My understanding is it won’t be discontinued, since it is built with CP in mind.
CP is the same as WP, with a cleaner code and the old but gold classic editor.
Enriched editor was born from WYSIWYG Advanced plugin and brings to CP the ability to add many more options to the classic editor.
I use enriched editor myself on all my sites.

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But that means I have first to move my blog from Wordpress to CP before I can upload Enriched Editor, right?

For WordPress, use this instead. Support for that plugin is provided on the WP forums.


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