I am in the midst of a project for an organization, which entails my building a new website for them. I would prefer to use ClassicPress with the Genesis Framework; however, their hosting is with Dotster. :woman_facepalming:t2: How would y’all suggest them to transfer their hosting plan with a different company? If they won’t, is it possible to install CP manually with an EIG host?


Do you mean to transfer to another hosting provider?

Of course, as long as you have access to the webserver via FTP/Cpanel and Database.

Since you said “building a new website for them” the process should be easier using Softaculous, I believe the host should support Cpanel.



Hi Melissa,
Almost all the hosting out there is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), Endurance Group included. So yes your Dotster account, or any other hosting provider for that matter, will support ClassicPress.

Installatron and Softaculous (recently) support ClassicPress - we currently support both installers. We’d be happy to help you install it manually or via one of the installers, wherever you host.

And my shameless plug, we fully support ClassicPress hosting for our clients. Just can’t guarantee every plugin or theme will work, but we’ll do what we can. We can always set you up a staging site if you want to try us out. If your organization is non-profit, you are also entitled to a discount.

Reach out to me personally, if you want to discus further.



Yes, that is what I mean. :slight_smile: Thanks for your assist. :slight_smile:


Hi, Avrom:

Thank you for your insight. I appreciate it. :slight_smile: The site isn’t done yet. It’s a timing issue. I’m waiting on them. :wink: The organization is for-profit, but from what I understand, the rate they’re paying is a decent one. I’m not exactly privvy to all of that info, even though I am their webmaster. HA! :smiley:

I’ll keep your offer in mind. I appreciate your kindness.

Melissa :slight_smile:


Hi Melissa, this would be no problem. We do a lot of website transfers (ClassicPress is no different).

Happy to help - we want to see ClassicPress succeed! :slight_smile:


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