Elementor doesnt seem to work with CP. Which version of it does? Or should I move to other alternatives?

Hi. Long time wordpress/elementor user here. Exploring ClassicPress :slight_smile:

As mentioned in the title, what version of Elementor should be working with CP? Perhaps I could find that release.

Other than that, I can definitely use some other page builder… I’ll be looking into them.

Thanks for your help!

@prak142 Hi, this version should work:
Be aware though that it may be open to attack because of its age.

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If you’re testing in staging environment, not production, and feeling dangerous :slightly_smiling_face: you can test nightly version of v2.0. It’s based on WP 6, so very likely latest version of Elementor might work. We haven’t tested it yet.

Do report your findings if you test.

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Thank you very much, I tested out beaver builder earlier and it seems a good enough choice :slight_smile:

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Beaver Builder is what I personally use and recommend. They officially support ClassicPress.


Have you tried it with 2.0 yet?

I just tried Lite version with v2.0 and I couldn’t get BB to open due to some JS errors. This may need its own thread.

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