Elementor & Elementor PRO Compatibility

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since my agency model for quick and robust website design is depending on Elementor Pro and since I found no mention of this plugin (except for the “confirmed working…” topic) I contacted their support for an official statement regarding the future of Elementor in ClassicPress. I took the permission to post their response here.

Hi Christos,
Thanks for contacting us.

As for now, there are no plans to officially support ClassicPress as our plugin is meant to be used on official WordPress and we will have to try and cope up with their changes.

Since elementor free version is opensource a coder can take and modify it to be compatible with ClassicPress.

Thank you for understanding.

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Personally I understand that I will have to play the “as long as it supports 4.9.x” game for most plugins.
I keep a local installation of ClassicPress with my main plugins (ACF Pro, Elementor Pro, SeoPress Pro, TranslatePress, Gravity Forms) and keep testing on every update. If the mentioned plugins are behaving ok, business is fine.

I will try to keep this topic updated on Elementor compatibility.



Did they just make a breaking change in the plugin? Today I opened my sites–I think for the first time since Friday or Saturday–and found neither of them showing Javascript or images to the visitor. I disabled Elementor on both sites, and now they’re working fine again. Fortunately I only used it on one page.

Seems to currently working fine. Today they release an update (2.4.0) for the Free version, which works fine with CP and the console is free of errors (just double checked it), both in test environment and production sites.
Next week (probably) is coming an update also for Pro version.

Probably some conflict with other plugin or theme, but definitely not with CP

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Thanks Christos. I have one client using Elementor so will be interested in your updates.

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I’m all-in with CP, but also all-in with Elementor. Hopefully everything stays intact w/ v2.4 update. I haven’t seen any issues on any of my sites so far.


I reported the problem, but because it’s ClassicPress, they won’t help me. Meanwhile, other people have the same problem, and today’s update still hasn’t fixed it.

For sure I can say that ClassicPress and Elementor (and Pro) are working fine (all latest versions)
I am 100% sure that the theme or another plugins is responsible.
For example yesterday I have an error where the youtube widget was not working on elementor, and it was because of poor code of the NextGen gallery plugin, which broke widget rendering.

Would it be true that Elementor kind of HAS to keep compatibility with WP 4.9xx and therefore ClassicPress for a few years at least, similar to Microsoft supporting security updates for Windows 7 for a number of years?

I can kind of see that being the case. E is a very important plugin to me, and Beaver Builder as well.

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For as long as they have a considerable number of users on 4.9.x, it’s in their own interests to continue to support that version. I do think it will be 2-3 years before anyone has to truly “pick a side” or create dual versions.


OK, I can live with that. Hey, no one knows what the landscape will be like in three years :slight_smile: All cars could be electric by then :slight_smile:

If I survived Windows 8 horrible fiasco, I am sure I can survive this conundrum, LOL!

If I decide to move my clients to CalssicPress and they are good for 2-3 years, I am OK with that. I will give them the choice, of course. Although some, maybe most, would simply glaze over and run away. (not techies at all). Those, I will just do what I think is best for them.


That was my thinking too. And I didn’t bother telling any of them since I manage everything to do with their sites… I can’t think of one that wouldn’t glaze over immediately.