Elementor for CP not working

Hi, I need some help with the forked elementor.
It stoped working, but I don’t know when.
Does anybody have the same problem?
I downloaded the version classic-elementor-master from Github.
It is shown as Version 99.2-upstream2.7.6

Thank you for helping.

Can you elaborate on what exactly happens? Page builder doesn’t open, any errors, etc.

@zulfgani maintains that plugin. Hopefully he’s around to help.


Hi, thanks for responding but I did check the situation for myself first.
I have another installation where I also installed the forked plugin (some time ago) and I saw that there is no problem. There it is working.
So I downloaded the plugin from that installation and uploaded to the site where is was broken.
And now I can edit pages as usual with elementor.
So, I’m not sure what I downloaded on github but I will check it again and have a look if I can reproduce the error.

You need to provide a bit more detail than that otherwise there’s not really much we can do to help. What specific error(s) do you see? When do you see them - on activating the plugin? when trying to use it? etc.

I am sorry if that was misunderstanding. I know that without infos nobody can help :wink:
But actual nobody needs to help.
I had an error on one installation but I could fix it by myself by using the (same) plugin from another ClassicPress site where it was still working.

Actual it is hard to describe the error because I do not see the error anymore and so I decided to setup a testinstallation to check if the error is reproducable.
When it is reproducable it I will give you all infos you need (included full access to the testinstallation).

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Ok I did try it on another testinstallation and the error is reproducable.

I will tell you what I did before:
After setting up CP 1.2 I went to this address https://github.com/ClassicPress-research/classic-elements for downloading the plugin.
There I said download as .zip and I got a file called ‘classic-elementor-master.zip’.
Than I go to the backend and install the plugin by uploading it.
Than I activate the plugin.
I have no errormessages or any hint that something went wront.

Than I open a page to edit with elementor but what I see are 2 big buttons:

Klicking one of these buttons will lead to a white page with a loading icon in the left upper corner:

Thats it. So I ask myself what did I do wrong?
I can send anyone who want to have look the login credentials.

OK, thanks - I think this is because you downloaded the development code of the plugin, which is fine for working on the plugin but it’s incomplete for installing it on a site. You need to download the latest release version from here instead: https://github.com/ClassicPress-research/classic-elements/releases


Ok that make sense.
I was searching for the releases but I haven’t seen the small link in the sidebar “Releases” …
I do not work often with github…
My fault… :see_no_evil:

With the release it is working fine!
So we can close this threat.


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