Elisabetta Carrara

This post is to officially announce my intention to run as a candidate for the election of 2020 Committee.

I was not considering to run, but @james suggested I think about it in a DM on Slack, so I did.

While rambling, I came up with three lines of thought, as follows:

What I think a committee member “should be” (and I don’t feel I am - just yet)

  • A professional programmer
  • A skilled communicator
  • An expert in some collateral field

What I think I can bring to the committee:

  • My skills as a professional translator/localizer (localization is a key point in a project like the one we are trying to market, we need to be able to know what it means to translate software on a professional level to be able to organize a real Localization Team that is able to follow the software growth and evolution in time - Localizing means taking care of docs, software and community as well)
  • My ability and willingness to learn fast and adapt to challenging environments.
  • The ability to operate inferences (connections among different and distant fields) coming up with new solutions to issues that may arise.
  • My commitment to grow as a programmer (code is a language after all) and my commitment to push the Project forward.

What I think I may be able to learn in the process to serve the community even better later on:

  • How to manage different aspects of organizing a coordinated effort
  • How to better communicate
  • How to integrate my knowledge with other members’ knowledge to push the project forward

All in all, even if I don’t feel ready, rationally I must admit I am.

:smile: Everyone and the cat here know me because I am a readaholic that puts her nose in almost every discussion happening around, and I always have a smile or two to spare while giving my humble two pennies, so there is nothing more to say, I think. I’ll leave it all to your votes from now on.

(BTW - I am not that much into politics, so that’s the only time I am mentioning my involvement here, I am not by any means going to discuss this openly or privately. I am scared to the bones because this time of my life I am having the mother of all courages to invest myself in things I feel way bigger then me… so please… :smile: be compassionate and if you happen to stumble on me somewhere don’t make any mention of this…)