Enable Custom Media path Folder and URL

WordPress 3.5 removes the setting fields to change the media upload path and url.

It can be enabled manually from here /wp-admin/options.php

NAME-upload_path AND upload_path_url

Settings > Media, we can set the upload path(FOLDER) to folder like images,data etc.

It will be super useful for all.

Read-only archive: https://petitions.classicpress.net/posts/150/enable-custom-media-path-folder-and-url

Author: Aryan Raj

Vote count: 4

Status: open


This is another one that should be closed.

This seems to be the solution for this petition. So the petition will be closed.

As a coincidence, I reported a documentation error at WP yesterday, which is on the Code Reference for get_option as a list of some options. One of them is

'upload_path' – Default upload location; set in Miscellaneous Options.

So it seems that it used to be in core, and was removed, to use the defines.


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