Enhanced GeneratePress Theme for ClassicPress

ClassicPress needs as many free starter themes as possible to attract new users. GeneratePress is a mature and powerful theme, but unfortunately the premium version does not work on CP.

So, I took a pre-block version of the free theme and did some changes. I then built a custom child theme that mimics most of the layout and functions of the premium version.

While some of the paid features are not included, the most important ones are, resulting in a very professional theme that can be used as a starter theme.

The parent theme has been set to version 9.9.9 so it will not nag for an update. Any changes you need to make can be done in the child theme and I have included text files to explain the features.

It works on both CP 1.x and 2.x and is very lightweight. You can download the zip file containing everything you need from my site here. The site is also running this theme on CP 2 and PHP 8.1 with no problems found.

Please don’t try to install the downloaded zip file. You have to unzip it first and follow the installation instructions inside.

If you do run into a problem, please let me know in a PM and I will see if I can help.


I have made some minor changes to the GeneratePress parent theme and a lot of changes to the Child theme’s style.css to add more features and fix layout problems.

There are also some new tips in the included text files.

If you have installed the theme, you can simply unzip the two theme zip files and overwrite these two files using FTP or from your site’s file manager:



If you have modified the child theme, please save your changes to a text file first, so you can copy them back into the new style.css file.