Error 500 after 1.7.0 update

Good morning!
I have two CP installations now, in English and in Portuguese. The English site updated automatically to 1.7.0. Someone tried to comment yesterday and got a blank screen. I tried it and got a 500 error. I reverted back to our old theme (I’m now using BNM theme), problem persisted.

I tried a comment on the Portuguese installation (1.6.0), no problem. Both sites are on the same service.

Any help from you fine, knowledgeable people will be greatly appreciated.

What PHP version are you using? 1.7.0 had a minor change. Shouldn’t have caused any problems.

If you can check your error logs for fatal error, that would help narrow it down to what’s causing the issue.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Dunno. Where do I find what PHP version? But the Portuguese site doesn’t have this problem and it has the same host. Hence my suspicion about the version update.

Where do I check error logs? Sorry to be so ignorant.

If you are using a comment plugin you could try and turn it off to see if that is the cause of the issue.


My dear Sir: Bingo! I was using the Comment Validator. I turned it off, and comment was posted. I wasn’t using it on the Portuguese site.

My profuse thanks to you, btw.

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