Expand the "At a Glance" widget


Provide more useful information in the “At a Glance” dashboard widget. This suggestion is really targeted at developers who manage a number of sites. They often need to quickly know more than the average user.

Edit: This could also be a candidate for the new snippet repository.

Possible implementation

My utility plugin extends the widget to tell me stuff that I really like to know “at a glance” when I go into the admin area of a site. This is an example (though I’m not suggesting we do all of them):

Will you be able to help with the implementation?

I can share the code I use but you may not want to see it. I expect it can be achieved much more elegantly. And note that if I got it working it can’t be all that hard. :wink:

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This isn’t quite what you mocked up, but, I’ve built something similar to replace the At a Glance widget. It doesn’t list everything out (like how you listed plugins,) but, it does provide totals and quick links to all the major admin destinations. Interested?


Nice suggestion. I have 2 separate questions:

  1. Do you think this could be part of the Site Health tool? It hasn’t been ported from WP and has a lot of the same information as what you have shown in the screenshot. It’s been suggested Security page and Site Health should be basically the same thing.

  2. If this is developer focused, maybe it would be best to be left disabled by default and enabled using a filter or constant?

@anon71687268 that’s definitely a nice widget. I can definitely see it as a stand-alone widget in CP. Would be very helpful for quick navigation.


@anon71687268 - wow, that’s fancy. And I bet it’s beautifully coded. Dare I say performant. :wink:

That’s probably more than I would need though. My usage scenario is having dozens of sites to look after and I want to go in and very quickly see where a site is at. I must admit I was also working within the limits of my code-hacking skills.

And yes, @viktor, it’s getting into site health territory (although that would presumably be another click and probably a short wait while it loads). I think in retrospect the idea is really more suited to be a code snippet for the repo when that happens. Then we could have different versions available.

But that “At a Glance” widget seems like prime real estate with a small shack just waiting for a developer.