Fabian Wolf

Officially announcing my intention to run as a candidate for the 2020 Committee election, too :slight_smile:

Yay! fwolf for President! Gratis dry, black humour for everyone!

Yeah, I am that very cranky “fwolf”, nasty commentor by choice at WPTavern, and unholy being on the ClassicPress Slack channels and forums. Job-wise, I am a freelancing web developer cum frontend designer, working with WP and related things professionally for over 15 years. My involvement with ClassicPress started in August / September 2018, when I was planning to do a fork of WordPress myself, but instead, decided to add my efforts and brains to the already existing fork, ie. ClassicPress, to get it up, running and well-known :slight_smile:

What I’ve learned so far since August 2018 is:

Although I might be a talented programmer, and would like to be much more involved with getting CP Core things done - I’ve come to terms that I simply have too much going on with exactly that kind of work during my regular day job, so not much is left for actual work on CP. Ie. noble ideas, beaten down by reality.

Alas, I don’t give up that easily - so following is what I’m involved with or have gotten done so far:

  • Petitioner: initializing a few petitions, including the move for a better Media Library
  • ClassicPress Evangelizer: Pestering aka convincing quite a few people into believing that ClassicPress is indeed another option besides WordPress main
  • Taking the homely, welcome feeling I’ve had within a few open source communities, including the one of Habari, and implanting it over to the ClassicPress community - this especially includes lending a helping hand whenever there is a question or issue from within the community, eg. on Slack or the forums
  • continuedly nitpicking my way through WordPress :wink:
  • a bit of Accessibility and Usability concerns
  • looking after the German ClassicPress community (esp. on the forums)

What I want to continue or get done in the nearby future:

  • Accessibility and Usability: intense measurements within and around ClassicPress, whether that would involve revieving a few accessibility improvements that have been continuedly down-trodden by the WP developers for the last 5 - 6 years, or adding new improvements that come directly from the ClassicPress community
  • German ClassicPress Community: If possible, being involved with translation efforts, and also “just” helping out German users and developers with migration to ClassicPress and general CP / WP issues
  • Community “Support”: keeping up the homely and welcome spirit I already mentioned before, to continue to drop in whenever there is a need, for lending a helping hand or a few hundred lines of code, whether it be beginners, advanced users or professional developers :wink:
  • Security: Esp. within ClassicPress itself, as the amount of excessive site hacking and malware injection has increased massively over the course of the last years; that includes ways to protect the future ClassicPress plugin repository, but also ways of getting ahead of the bugfixing game, compared with WordPress main

I’d be happy to continue to be a part of the effort of keeping ClassicPress as an CMS, not just as an alternative option for WordPress users and developers unwilling to bend or swallow whatever Wordmattic decides is best for them, but for everyone :slight_smile:

cu, w0lf.