FAQ and Support guide ToC issue

I noticed ToC on this page is wrapped in double <ul> which causes double indentation for list items.


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and it’s not quite correct syntactically either

This is a Must User Plugin that generates it, not implemented by me personally. I had a quick look at the code and couldn’t tell why that specific page is featuring a double UL.

However the fix consisted in using proper headings. That FAQ was using h3 instead of h2 headings for its subsections.
That made the code believe there is a h2 section and thus created an UL for it, but couldn’t find its H2 element. That means, we have to follow h1 > h2 > h3 etc sequence and not just deliberately add headings as we like (the contents of that FAQ was from old site, thus existing and wrong since the begin).

I guess we will have to write a doc about how to write doc lolol

Let me know if I missed something, otherwise we can close here.