Fatal errors with CodePotent Plugins

I absolutely rely on Enriched Editor, and it’s been throwing fatal errors (Countable|array) on a couple of sites. I finally figured out that if I downgraded to PHP7.4 (not ideal), the plugin stopped throwing fatal errors, but it does show this warning upon reactivation:

“The plugin generated 250 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice ‘headers already sent’ messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.”

I’m not seeing any such errors yet, but it doesn’t bode well. I also got a Countable|array error from the Update Manager plugin.

I went to the CP plugins site and neither plugin is there any more. Does this mean no one is supporting or updating them? I think Simone took over Enriched Editor, but I don’t know who (if anyone) picked up the Update Manager. My guess is they need to be updated to work with PHP8.x?

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Yes, that does sound a lot like my experience.

@Simone does manage Update Manager plugin, which will be phased out once our new directory launches and we introduce updates to the core.

I’m not sure about Enriched Editor plugin though. It was never part of the directory and James was the one that took it over.

I’ve finally taken over Enriched Editor when James left.
The problem is in UpdateClient.class.php that is breaking if api-v1.classicpress.net returns an unexpected response.

API issues should be resolved.


You know, I should mention that I was having trouble (which I thought was because of CP SEO), but when I REMOVED the Enriched Editor plugin, it made the troubles go away. It doesn’t seem to affect my edit capabilities, either.

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