"Favorite plugins" using WordPress.org account


Hi, you wrote the most important changes in this release:

I liked this Favourite feature when installing mostly used plugins on a new site.
Will be there a special ClassicPress plugins directory in the future?

But still there is a Favourites (use WordPress.org accounts) when installing themes.
Didn’t you want to remove it too?

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I know the people around here are hard at work on a directory and ideas for how to make it. There is even a subforum for it at Plugin Directory.


Yes, this is part of our roadmap for version 2.

We can also bring back the WP.org favorites feature as a plugin.

Yes, this would be a good idea too. I’ll take a look and see if this is something we want to do in 1.0.0 or in a later release like 1.0.1.

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+1 for Favorites plugin. It will save a ton of time.

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