Featured image from URL


I do not know if I have chosen the right place for this topic site
My suggestion would be to highlight the image in posts, pages … has the ability to get from url

Someone who has a small storage at the host server
your photos are set somewhere else
And to get that photo on its website, it has to use the plugin
If this option had a CP default, there would be no need for plugin’s
I hope you understand what I wanted to say


I like this idea, maybe start a petition (if there isnt already one) on https://petitions.classicpress.net/


I’m not sure if it’s possible (probably is) to do this without generating a CORS that several browsers consider a security risk because you are loading resources from another domain that isn’t the one where the request happened.


CORS does not come into play here. There is existing logic to add an image from a URL, which could be added here too.

@JerryNidzo are you are aware of a plugin that makes this work?

The Core Development subforum is a better place for this thread. I’ve moved it over there.


For my own needs I use a plugin
Featured Image by URL
and for now he is doing his job neatly
works on the CP


@azurecurve: https://wordpress.org/plugins/featured-image-by-url/ is another one for your list of working plugins, see above


Featured Image From URL is a far more widely-used plugin, though: https://wordpress.org/plugins/featured-image-from-url/


I used that plugin
but recently updated
he broke my page
ie featured pictures were not visible on the home page


I tried that plugin last night and it imports the image to the media library. I was thinking it would serve the image on the frontend from the url that was choosen.

Maybe it didn’t understood correctly the initial request from @JerryNidzo


https://wordpress.org/plugins/azurecurve-floating-featured-image/ can also be used to load images from another domain.


Here’s a brief tutorial on how to plugin working


I do not know how this plugin works


What OP is saying is it would be nice to have featured images that are linked from photo sharing services like Imgur and not be forced to store them locally when there is little space. OP also wants to do this without a plugin.

Think I got that right. :wink:

I second this idea. It’s long overdue.


Agreed, it would be nice to have.

Best place for that then is a petition we can vote on for implementation in V2 :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the petitions site: https://petitions.classicpress.net/