February 5th Committee Meeting

Committee meeting taking place now in the #committee channel on Slack. The agenda for can be found here.

Reminder: non-committee members are welcome to discuss the meeting in #community.


Voting Topics

Marketing Expense

Description : Usage of a service called “Tailwind” by Press Kite for our v1 PR launch (https://presskite.com/). Their service will handle all the PR lists, press releases, outreach, follow-up etc which we don’t have the time to do ourselves.
Voting : Approval of $690 marketing expense
Status: Postponed

Term limits

Prior to meeting: Please read the following related discussion before the meeting: link 1, link 2
Non-Voting Discussion: should we revisit whether we still want to have term limits at the end of 2021 when (some of) the founding committee members’ term limits will be up?
Description: When do term lengths for founding committee members on the committee begin.
Voting: January 1, 2019 (which means we would have elections around the end of each year)
Status: Approved

Word from the Founding Committee

Description: We approved and merged some text in the ClassicPress readme.html for this.
Voting: Replace “leverage” with “use” in the Word from the Founding Committee
Status: Approved

Non-Voting Topics

Job Board

Description : Status update on ClassicPress Job Board

CP Theme

Description : Status update on ClassicPress Theme

Slack Archiver

Description: Quick discussion about plan to have a public archive of all Slack chats.

Team Leads Update

Description: Any other topics of note from Community, Development, Fundraising, Marketing, Design, Security, Translations, QA