Feedback / Observations

I have not come close to reading every post, but have poked around for awhile now and have some background information. I am also only speaking for myself regarding what I hoped to find with ClassicPress. The potential loss of the WP Classic Editor is the main draw for me, in that I had kicked around the prospects of what I would do if that happened. Locking WP at the last version that worked and trying to keep it at least somewhat secure would have been my only realistic choice, though it can also be assumed that if enough people still wanted to use the Classic Editor, 3rd party solutions beyond version locking would probably pop up.

ClassicPress seems to be the logical path to take but does come with a few reservations and some assurances regarding future availability and compatibility might be helpful. Obviously nobody can predict the future, but if confidence was high that at a minimum, security updates would continue and if a point was reached where an upgrade would now prevent being able to easily roll back to using WordPress (even if it was not the current version), that should be clearly announced.

Beyond that, it looks like this community has the same issues any group of people does, but seems to overcome and continue to move forward regardless. Obviously the main reservation I have would be that I switch over, then at some point CP is no longer an active project, perhaps leaving me in a worse place than if I had stayed with WP and dealt with the loss of Classic Editor support in WP if/when forced to do so.

That said, I am inclined to believe that there is enough stability that the CP project will not be abandoned in the short term, and one way to prevent that would be to help when I can, however limited that help may be. So that is my plan, not that it is of any consequence to the project other than being my opinion from where I stand.


It’s an important issue to consider. ClassicPress community is small but very dedicated. We have the funds we need to pay for the infrastructure required to run ClassicPress. So we’re pretty comfortable right now and not expecting any issues to come up.

Help is always welcome and appreciated. Not just coding but all other things such as translations, documentation, testing, writing blog posts, etc.


Documentation, that is my worst subject.
Making something that does what I want is usually the easy part, cleaning it up and assembling a package complete with documentation is another story sometimes…

I have been playing website since it was a thing, started coding with basic, then perl, but am most comfortable with php and can usually work my way through the other stuff I run into. I also run a small server farm and do have some ‘real’ projects / products out there, but this is my hobby / I do it for fun.