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Normally, I would just build random themes, but I figured I might as well just create a topic here and ask this question

What kind of features are people looking for these days when using ClassicPress.

In other threads, people have implied that they want lots of options with text and other form inputs…the types of things that wouldn’t pass approval at WP repo. To me, it sounds like stuff that a theme shouldn’t be doing.

I suggest you keep to normal theme stuff, but you might want to take a look at my PR for body-only support. It adds a function so that themes can easily filter all the attributes on the HTML they output. If it’s approved, I will update core functions that output HTML to use it also. Themes done this way would truly be “made for CP”, but the old way will still work.


I think the type of theme most people are looking for (at least among those who don’t want to build one themselves) is one that suits e-commerce.

Here’s the way I see it…
It seems to me that much of the support for the “Block Editor” stems from the fact that when compared to some other options now available, we could say that Wordpress has a “problem” with layout. Traditionally there were always so many themes out there offering many Page Templates so that code-averse users would have multiple layout options available in the theme.
Then the “Block Editor” came along promising to fix this layout problem. I agree that the problem existed but I don’t see the Block Editor as the right fix for it.
Simultaneously, while all this was going on, CSS Legacy Layout - that great big sequence of bandaids that had been evolving ever since the days of Netscape Navigator - was, in a sense, being phased-out; first in favor of flexbox and now with CSS Grid. Now in mid-2022 CSS Grid has very widespread coverage.
If a theme uses primarily CSS Legacy Layout it won’t be as easy to modify the layout. It won’t be as easy to modify as one that uses CSS Grid. It’s much easier to make a layout responsive with CSS Grid; it’s more straightforward; it’s a CSS Tool designed to make layout straightforward and logical (for programmers).
So in answer to your question, my preference is that a theme should not use CSS Legacy Layout (“floats”) for the main top-level layout. If it needs a fallback layout then I think it makes sense to use flexbox as the first choice for fallback …CSS Legacy Layout should be only the second choice for fallback, in my opinion.

all i have to say is that what you are describing is just design layouts and not what kind of features what people are looking for when using ClassicPress. Not everything should be CSS Grid or CSS Flexbox, is all base on how these grid and flexbox is been used per theme. I prefer grid just because it’s easier to remember some things. However, flex works better in some situations. Grid is much easier to do galleries because you don’t have to deal with widths. But, with flex, you can do something like stretch two images to the full container that are sitting alone at the bottom of a three-column gallery. Really, it just depends on what you’re after. Flex is also better when you kind of have variable stuff

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