Few thing coul'd be better at raw install

Always I’ve ran new install had to loose time to set some things. Coul’d be easier to add some more useful settings to raw install of CP.

  1. Empty widget area ( or just leave there search widget) no one likes to delete it at start, everyone knows widgets as well, so example is not needed.

  2. Catalogue media to date folders is also dinosaur solution i always turn off. If I’d like to catalogue media according to some key - that wouldn’t be date of publish. Coul’d be unswitched

  3. Permalinks proper setting is /%category%/%postname%/ and that should be at least at common settings or even as default.

  4. If We all don’t like React scripts in Gutenberg so how to get rid of older brother - appearance / customize. Maybe some smart head knows how to create similar module more matching to infrastructure design. I know - a lot of themes use it, but work with customize is not pleasure. Maybe there’s option to replace it with other module working also with all themes as well without freaky js view. I know this one is hard task.

Hi Dominiq,

In order to prioritize and implement these suggestions we need to track each one separately.

(2) and (4) already have a page on our petitions site, petitions.classicpress.net. Please sign in there and leave your vote and a comment on each of those petitions.

I haven’t seen petitions for (1) and (3) yet. Can you create them on the same site?

Done well, captain!:wink: