Finding plugins using developer or forum names

I was looking for @Simone plugins on the directory recently and none came up in the search. So I had to try and think of the name of one of his and search for that instead. I realised that plugin developer names can be different to forum names. I had no idea he used xxsimoxx so there is no way I would ever search on that - I only know him as simone. Is there some way to make it search for both?



I think that part of the problem was an error I’ve done the first time I set up my dev profile on the directory.
I have two…

Searching for both will be very useful…

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Agreed, once we get Algolia set up we will be able to search on more than just the names.

For @Simone, we can consolidate those. Just DM me and I will move things around for you :+1:

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