Firewall and security plugins

Thanks for CP to making and sharing CP.

I am making a new CP site and have installed bulletproof security plugin

I am also a fan of the Jeff Starr G6 firewall .htaccess

Is it worth adding the G6 firewall after installing the BS plugin?

Thanks a lot and have a great day.


Hi @BTclimb, … and welcome.

Sorry for the long wait… I suspect a lot of people are glued to current events right now. :wink:

Anyway, I haven’t seen any chatter about the G6 firewall and would tend to think it’s because it’s not used in high numbers (if at all) with ClassicPress. That’s not to say it’s a bad idea – just, that nobody has really mentioned it. You might contact either BPS and/or Jeff to see if they have any insights. Since BPS has a firewall built in, it’s possible that G6 would be duplicating the same functionality needlessly. If you do find out, it would be awesome to hear back on your experience.



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Hi @BTclimb

I use the 7G firewall implemented directly in my .htaccess file on my sites.

That said I don’t use the BulletProof plugin. I use some others like BadBehavior and Limit Login attempt.

Not using G6 but using BPS (Pro) on all my ClassicPress sites and it works very well. BPSpro licence is a one-off and very reasonable price for unlimited sites - it may well be that BPSpro has all the functionality you need - also the BPSpro guy has answered a couple of my queries re it working with ClassicPress