First i18n Meeting 2020

Every member of the community is invited to participate in the first i18n meeting of year 2020.

Here is the Doodle


  • team structure

  • current state

  • short/medium term plans/actions with focus on software localization

Any suggestion welcome, please leave them in the comments below.

@wadestriebel @james @invisnet tagging you here for reference.



As Per Doodle, the meeting is going to take place on jan. 22nd in the time frame 14-17 UTC.
As a reference I plan it to be 14-15 UTC, since the agenda for now is just to understand where we are and set the next steps.

If someone has something to add to the agenda, feel free to do so.

Everyone is invited to join.


Am I correct in understanding that this meet is focused on where CP is in regard to localization of software, per Doodle?


Yes. Correct. And to decide actionable steps for short/medium term operations.

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