Flags 1.6.0 released

Flags 1.6.0 released

Flags has been unpdated to use scalable SVG images instead of 16x16 PNGs. Flags displays the scalable SVG flags in a post or page using the [flag] shortcode; 279 public domain flags are included. All of the flags from the previous version are included, as well as flags for the Italian regions and automonomous regions.

The shortcode usage is [flag id=“gb” width=“20px” border=“1px solid black”] where the id is the country code shown below; width and border are optional paramaters and can be defaulted from the settings. Shortcode usage of [flag=“gb”] where default parameters are to be used is also supported.

:new: What’s New

New version with added functionality released:

  • Update plugin to use svg images rather than png ones.
  • Replace png flags with public domain svg images.
  • Add option to set default image width and border attributes.
  • Update flag shortcode to accept id, width and border parameters (backward compatibility has been maintained).
  • Add flags for Italian regions and autonomous regions.
  • Fix bug in azurecurve menu.

:arrow_down: Download

Download Flags 1.6.0 to manually install or check your dashboard for the update if you’re running the previous version.

:man_juggling:: Support

If you have any problems to log or features to request, contact me via the Plugin Support Forum

:bulb: Issues/Ideas

I’m keen to resolve any issues and happy to consider functionality requests, so please get in touch if you want to report a problem or ask for new functionality.