Forum Localization & Inline Translation


Forum Translation

We have installed a plugin to allow for inline translation of forum posts, utilizing the Microsoft Translation API.

To use the translation function just click the :globe_with_meridians: icon at the bottom of a post. This will translate the post into your Interface Language (details below on changing this).

Forum Localization

To set your Interface Language you will now find a new setting in your user settings.

  • To get to your settings click on your icon in the top right

  • Click the gear icon (furthest to the right)

  • In the left sidebar menu select “Interface”

  • Finally, search and select your language



Excellent, this works really well :slight_smile:

This helps us read conversations in foreign languages, but doesn’t do as much to help us respond to them.

If you run across a plugin to allow translating replies from English into another language (this would be the language used in the thread), then that could be helpful too.


It will translate our (English) posts into whichever language users have their Interface set to. I sent a screenshot of your test post to Slack :slight_smile: