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I’m looking to implement a small forum website for a small NGO in South America. Because of privacy concerns the forum has to be self hosted. We are considering ClassicPress as an option, mainly because of the design of this very nice forum. I was wandering is this site is actually hosted using ClassicPress and if so what plug-in are you using? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

@emunozh Hi, the WordPress forum plugin works with ClassicPress and is almost as good as a dedicated forum software package.

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To add to what @Aussie suggested, ClassicPress forums are built with the CMS Discourse, that is a dedicated forum software. As far as I know it is not an easy CMS to manage and requires a certain level of tech knowledge, while ClassicPress + Asgaros Forum plugin is a simple solution that lets you build a complete forums on top of ClassicPress.
Concerning design, it is just a matter of choosing a theme that you like, and it can be styled even to resemble discourse (I do not like discourse interface to be honest, I like its features :D) and ClassicPress is ideal because once you select a suitable theme you can then apply custom CSS if you need smaller changes or make a child theme if you need custom templates or bigger modifications and it’s very easy to do.

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