Forums link back to home page missing/not implemented?

There seems to be no way back to the site’s homepage from the forums - or am I not looking in the right place?

I always find myself having to click through to the About page (link in footer) in order to get back to the main site. Would it be possible to link the footer site title (see screenshot) back to

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Couldn’t add it there, but I added it to the footer along with a link to our Twitter. They might be a little small so we may want to tweak them a bit :slight_smile:

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Wow, I really had to search to find the change. That blue icon on black is not very visible, and at that size I couldn’t tell what the icon was.
There is already a text Twitter link, so what’s wrong with putting a ClassicPress link in with the other text links?

It appears that the icon color is decided by the theme, as mine are purple.

Bumped the size, and also adjusted the colour (everyone’s should be white now).
Let me know if there are any tweaks we should make.

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Here’s what I’m seeing (note invisible LinkedIn icon):

Can you remove these new icons? All links with the exception of the main site are duplicated. The link to the main site could go here instead and be much clearer:

You screenshoted while I was making tweaks and testing things. I know they are duplicates, I wanted to see what it would look like - no easy way to test this sadly.

Re the home page link, using the component we are using there is no easy way to add that there.

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I think using the icons at the bottom may be better - we can remove the “Social Media” column if we decide we are happy with them.

Re LinkedIn, no idea why Font Awesome’s LinkedIn icon is refusing to load. I have removed it for now - probably better to replace it with Slack anyways.


Doesn’t FA have two versions of the linkedin icon? Maybe you can try the other version?

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Ok, sorry, the icons are looking much better now. I agree if you want to keep them then removing the “Social Media” column would be good.

Is anyone actually using LinkedIn? Probably fine to leave that one off and put Slack there instead…

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Got LinkedIn to work - and @james I don’t think anyone uses it but :man_shrugging:

I think now I just want to tweak the order of them - Facebook should probably be last. Then I am done playing the css for today :slight_smile:


I think that looks good now:


Okay well, I need a coffee. Don’t mind the missing footer…

Edit: thank goodness for rollback :slight_smile:

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I forked the component and set up our ClassicPress defaults - so no more almost deleting it without it being backed up:

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Thank you for those changes - now navigating to important parts are much easier :slight_smile:


In your screenshot, I don’t see the link or icon for ClassicPress, which is what this whole thing was about.
But when I look at the actual Forums footer, I see that the first icon is linked to ClassicPress. I don’t think it belongs with the social links, and I’m not sure why you want any social links on the Forum footer, but I see that it is a link back to the main site, but the icon doesn’t mean much to me. I would not have looked there for it, since I ignore all social links and icons in general.

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